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Our Services

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International Helicopter Leasing

Lease-Out – Whether your helicopter is coming off an operating contract in due course or is under-utilised within your own organisation, H-LEASE can help in securing long-term leases of your available helicopter assets, either under wet or dry lease conditions.

Lease-In – With H-LEASE’s extensive industry network of helicopter operators worldwide, it is capable of sourcing suitable helicopters to lease-in to meet your revised fleet plan or new operating contract requirements.

Lease Management Services – Covering a whole host of areas, H-LEASE’s expertise in the field of helicopter leasing can augment or facilitate your own specific requirements in relation to your helicopter fleet.  From the day-to-day management of leased helicopters, through contractual negotiations and insurance-related topics, to annual technical audits, delivery / redelivery inspections and appraisals, H-LEASE has the knowledge, the understanding, the team, and the network to be trusted and relied upon.

Lease Consulting Services – On a case-by-case basis, H-LEASE is able to provide consulting services to facilitate helicopter leasing and market-related projects.

Worldwide Helicopter Sales

Sell – Experienced and trusted by an ever-growing list of clients, H-LEASE represents helicopter owners, operators and banks to successfully sell their surplus helicopters.

Buy – H-LEASE is able to source suitable helicopters for its clients to purchase, and to present the best options from any number of perspectives (ie, cost, availability, mission configuration, compatibility to existing fleet etc). In a competitive market, H-LEASE can provide such analysis in a discreet manner, thus keeping the client’s interest confidential.

Financing and Insurance Services – Through its global financing and insurance partners, H-LEASE can provide immediate access to the most current and competitive lenders and insurers, cutting through much of the red tape to get straight to the decision-makers.

Global Helicopter Markets

Helicopter Market and Valuation Services – Understanding the market for your helicopter type and the value that such a market accords is a critical tool for helicopter operators. With its prominent and active role within the global helicopter markets, H-LEASE is able to translate its knowledge into accurate “realtime” market analysis and valuation data.